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[Delphi] Typing Maniac Bot Complete Source Code


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This is a project I've been working on over 6 month (with long breaks) and it's time for me to release an Alpha stage source of it, i'm abanding this project since i'll probably port it to C++ (C++ Builder by Embracadero) XE.

This project is in Delphi XE, it's a cheating tool for the game Typing Maniac @ Facebook, how it work?

- @Form creation, it will store the game handle to a global variable

- (FilterImage Subroutine) Take a screenshot of the game and optimize its canvas by removing unwanted pixels (Look at CleanupCanvas subroutine)

- (ProcessImage Subroutine) Will process the image by scanning it (TOCR Engine) for words, in the end it will send a keystroke to the game (SendKeystrokeA Subroutine) IF the scan results is a WORD ONLY (look at LettersOnly Subroutine)

You will need TOCR 2.0 installed for this to work, it's included

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