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Malware Scam Attempt


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I had a *removed* ring me today and it was funny, I have never had this type of scam pulled on me before...

She rang up saying that there is a new infection spreading rapidly in my country(Australia) and that I could be infected, she guided me into the the event viewer(step by step lol) and in shock she said there shouldn't be any warnings or errors in the application event viewer log. she then told me I will need to goto a site "www.virtualpcdoctor.com" and click on the remote support button which then one of there technical support teams would remove this new infection, I told her she is ****ed in the head and that I don't believe her, she insisted that her company is a international company trying to remove this new wave of infection. Then I said if thats the case I would simply format the drive, lol she then said "no no sir it wont remove the infection and that we want to help you by letting one of our technical support teams remove it for you" I then abused her some more and then she decided to hang up as it became too much for her...

Anyway moral of the story is dont belive people who ring up saying you are infected with something, because Nr 1 they have no way of knowing, Nr 2 never trust a *removed*, Nr3 anyone who wants to remote support you shouldn't be trusted.

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No need for the racist slurs Departure. No problem telling an amusing story but finishing with "never trust a *insert race here*" statement is uncalled for.

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