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Looking for Stuxnet binary code , soruce code or ....


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Hi everybody.

My boss has told me to find out Binary code of stuxnet or any file that is suspicious that is Stuxnet.

Anyone does it have or know where I can get it ?


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Kill big boss !

از کی تا حالا اين ويرس اوپن سورس شده؟

به استادت احمقت بگو کون گشادی رو کنار بزاره خودش دنبالش بگرده

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Start by asking why exactly he wants the file.

The binaries are acquired easily enough. The source code is likely to never be found.

Even if it were found, it's probably written in a horrible style with no comments. ;-)

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Yeah could be

Then he's probably wasting his time and yours. The main Stuxnet binary does not have a constant CRC. It changes when it replicates because it carries information about the last infected system.

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