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(c++) int 2 hex (simple way?)


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i have a decimal number in an int variable, which i want to convert to hex and save in a DWORD, ie:

int a = 4660;

-> ==

DWORD b = 1234;

I was not able to find a simple way to do this conversion.

It works via strtol or sprintf, but there has to be an easier way?

After all, the int variable is stored in hex in memory... :verymad:

deep :)

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b = a;

sure, this is just about the conversion... :)

if i have "int a = 4660", how can i convert it into a "dword b = 1234;" ?

Whilst it is possible using strtol:

or sprintf

i was wondering whether there is a simpler way, because the int is stored hexadecimal in memory already.


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Oh, i do know what hex/dec is. :)

I discussed this with metr0 in icq, and while presenting my problem i noticed....that there actually is no problem and everything works fine. :thumbsup:

He called that the "Demonstration Paradox" :teehee:

anyways, thanks to everyone involved & have a nice evening,

deep0 :)

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The question itself was dumb, what's there to understand?

Even if it wasn't, if someone can't explain his problem properly, how does telling him so make anyone a smartass?

I can't even see anyone yelling "newb pow roflol"

// Hm. Did I just fall for the troll :unsure:

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