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You can find here some nice movie tuts made by LCF-AT on how to unpack themida apps using LCF-AT script and using Imports Fixer 1.6

Thanks LCF-AT for the effort of making the videos :thumbsup: , indeed very well explained. I want just to add that it is not always necessary to enter manually iat, the auto scan is enough, the only case when you are supposed to add manually iat is on apps that use direct calls and on which you want to preserve the original iat (themida targets for example) and also you can take a look at your iat entries to have an idea about eventual protections (splitted iats, import elmination, ...). Also don't forget to play with rebuilding options in preferences for different results (combining create new iat with merge identical modules, rebuild pe file ...).

Also maybe someone who has successfully used IF on other targets like armadillo can post a movie tut to show how to directly fix the import elimination (maybe Fungus :rolleyes: ). Try to use it on PESpin to see the overlapped iat entries. Well to be brief just use it and have fun ...

The good news are that in LCF-AT testing you will notice that IF can replace UIF, and Fungus just reported that he doesn't need to use Arminline anymore to fix the import elimination in arma targets.

P.S : LCF-AT explains in the movies that there are some rare apis not fixed by the Intellifix engine, I will work on that for next fix version, so if you come across some targets where the intellifix fails let me know ;)



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