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Windows XP with all the updates and yet

this nasm code will work fine and end its routine just fine UNLESS a USB is plugged in.. in which case it crashes ntvdm

;nasm -f bin -o ebpp.com ebpp.asm

push ebp

mov ebp,esp

push ds

push es

push ebx

push esi

push edi

add ebp,0000FFFFh

mov ah, 0x0e

mov al, '!'

int 0x10

mov ah,00

int 0x16

;lss esp,[0000]

pop edi

pop esi

pop ebx

pop es

pop ds

lss esp,[0000]

pop ebp


if ya can tell me why it crashes that'd be cool

and if ya try to debug it with TD it'll crash ntvdm too

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