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Looking for acces to malware analysis


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Hello everybody,

A few days ago I've read some very intresting articles about malware analysis and now I'm looking for papers,tutorials,documentations to get started with the matter.

I'd be better if it's written for beginner in this topic. What sort of skills are required to get started ?

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Well in essence the same as an advanced cracker. Just the patching part to make it registered is missing, other than that the analysis and unpacking are the same.. In malware you'll use it to understand it and defend against it.

In cracking you'll use it to understand it and then patch the protection. So really any tut available here is valid. There's some specific things you can skip of course but that'll be easy to ignore.

Lena's tutorials are a good start anyday, if you wish to be a cracker or a malware analyst. (or both ;) )

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Hmm I really want to start reversing malware but it can't just be the same as cracking, its more dangerous. I have VMWare but don't know if it's safe enough to start reversing malware. Any tips on special software? I've heard of sandbox analyzers but they mostly get bad reviews.

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Anything I need to do to set it up? I've heard uninstalling vmware tools protects from a lot of the 'escaping' malware and also I don't want the malware to detect it's being analysed, but can't find any specifics on google other than 'use vmware'.

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Tell me what malwares ITW escape from VMW/VPC ? Just don't setup shared folder between host & guest OS .

Check this post for some VMWare tricks to avoid detection :

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Lol alrite I'll try it out with default settings, my first target, a visual basic keylogger, going to see who it emails/where does it send the logs, wish me luck!

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