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I am having problems converting this coding form C to Delphi.

char* szMemDump = (char*)malloc(mbi.RegionSize+1);

malloc is ok. But I don't what's with all the "char*".

if( memcmp( (void*)(szMemDump+x), (void*)szBytes, strlen( szBytes ) ) == 0 )

I just cannot sum both szMemDump and x together?

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1) C is quite strict on variable types, Delphi usually is more relaxed.

var szMemDump : pointer;
szMemDump := malloc(mbi.RegionSize+1);


if memcmp(pointer(dword(szMemDump)+x), szBytes, strlen(szBytes)) = 0 then

Anyway, I would suggest that you do not convert the code literally, instead think what the C code does and write new code using Delphi functions (eg. GetMem instead on malloc, CompareMem instead of memcmp, Length instead of strlen).

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