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coding disassembler with hde32 library

abhijit mohanta

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abhijit mohanta

I am trying to code disassembler using hde32 libary

following is the part of code


void *code = (void*)pbFileEP;//pbFileEP is entry point

unsigned int len = hde32_disasm(code,&hs)

can anybody suggest how to proceed further.

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hde is a length disassembler engine. all it does is tell you the length of the given instruction and some data extracted from it.

take a look at the hde32s structure for more info.

to get the next instruction, simply add the returned length to the instruction offset, in your case:

void* next = (void*)((BYTE*)code + len);

if you need a disassembler that gives textual representation of mnemonics, take a look at Distorm or BeaEngine.

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