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[UnPackMe]Unpacking VMProtected Driver

Guest unpackfan

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Guest unpackfan

Hi guys,

This is a device driver compiled for 32 bit systems and incorporates virtualized instructions, encrypted strings, and every other common protection routine provided by VMProtect 2.

The unpacked driver must be fully loadable and viewable with tools such as IDA.

This is not your run of the mill unpack, and if you require more information just post here.

I had to upload to my box.net account, hope this is ok;


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Pretty nice. However would it be required to also compile the VM into x86? (Not that many willing to the time on that.. obfu is lame but the translation is tedious)

Ah well I suppose so because proper VM debugging in ring0 is a pain.

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Guest unpackfan

Hi, thanks for the reply.

The virtualized code would need to be viewable in assembler with IDA, i am willing to put a price tag on the successful unpack if you can provide Solution / Example / Timeframe / Tools used so that i can analyse the potential flaws prior to release.

Kind regards,

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