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Hey gang, while trying to comment on a couple of download files I've realized all my messages are appearing as "blocked by admin". Have I done something wrong or do I need to do something more? I've tried looking around the site for an answer before asking the question but haven't come up with anything yet.

Thanks for any assistance.

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All comments are reviewed by an admin as far as I know. Probably hasn't been reviewed yet.

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On the page: "http://tuts4you.com/download.php?view.2873" I looked for a way to log with my ID and password and did not find any place on there nor on many other pages I looked.

When I attempted to make a comment on one item that I believe would be helpful to others, I put in my valid ID but there was no place to enter my password. The result was, the comment was blocked by admin.

I wend to the page: "http://tuts4you.com/contact.php" (still no place to login), I tried submitting a comment about this problem. It responded with, not authorized.

It was not until I found this forum for problem reports that I first found a prompt for both my ID and password.

I would like to know if this site has gone private and/or exclusive or is just accepting comments by special members only?

I am most sure that someone will likely respond to this by pointing out that I should have read document xyz.

I wish to point out that regardless, the lack of a reasonable brief meaningful error message would have been much more inviting.

I still don't know where you are hiding the full login and password entry for the normal site pages.

So far I don't feel very welcomed here.


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Read the post I made two posts above yours.

Though the message is somewhat cryptic it just means your message still has to be reviewed. If you're patient, your comment will appear eventually. Unless it's useless and weird.

Logging in is not required.

As for being welcome, it's just the comments section of the download place. Though useful for a thanks and perhaps a pointer, the forum is the main form of communication here. Everything is more likely to be read here.



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