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Win32 GUI - Message on Text Change


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I have tried searching and downloaded various sources but I did not find one where the "key" in a Keygen is generated when the input is changed. Most of them require you to press a button.

Can anyone tell me the correct Message I could use to retrieve a text change in a textbox/edit control?

I already tried WM_KEYDOWN etc but they did not work. Thanks in advance!

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See Canterwood's keygen sources in ASM ;-) He's using that a lot. Hold up ;-)


-- EDIT --

My bad. It's here (keymaker.asm):

	.IF (edx == EN_UPDATE && ax == IDC_NAME) || wParam == IDC_GENERATE  	.IF bAutoUpdate || wParam == IDC_GENERATE    	; Serial update
INVOKE Generate, hWnd
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