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If you are interested in testing private beta versions of IF before public release, please put your name here and if possible your email too (just edit this post or add a reply). If you don't want to make your email public just PM me. I have already a list of testers that tested previous versions, I will post them here, and for any changes please express yourself.

Fungus? !


Lena? !

metr0 !


NCR? !


Mr. X

Teddy Rogers

? means I don't have emails of these persons. It will be easier for me to send an email at once to all testers.

! means I am not sure if these persons are willing to continue to be beta testers, please inform me...



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I like to test the betas of Imports Fixer,

Name: Mr. eXoDia

Mail: mr.exodia.tpodt@gmail.com

Where to report bugs BTW??

Mr. eXoDia // T.P.o.D.T 2011

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v1.6 PUBLIC VERSION (06.10.10)

- Automated forwarding engine coded.

- Removed old hard-coded forwarded apis.

- IAT manager tool added.

- Smart IAT analyser&rebuilder: can detect and fix valid, invalid, partially

valid, shuffled, overlapped, scattered, disordered iat entries as well as

direct calls and import elimination.

- Added other direct calls schemes for APIs detection and rebuilding.

- Possibility of removing undesired IAT entries.

- Different colors used depending on IAT entry type.

- Statistics about each IAT entry (Blocks, DLLs, APIs, Invalid, %Invalid ...).

- Create new IAT option added.

- Possibility to select sections that contain code.

- Removed classic method of retreiving IAT by entering IAT RVA and IAT Size.

- Fast imports rebuilding, imports can be rebuilt even if invalid thunks still exist

in the imports tree.

- The display speed of data in ListViews, Imports tree list and HexEditor is


- Fixed a forwarding problem in shunimpl.dll under Windows 7.

- Imports Editor and Dumper Tool show instantly when called.

- IF auto refresh if the target is changed in memory (while getting and

loading imports).

- Plugins arguments changed and plugins help file updated.

- Arrange Thunks option added.

- Modern style.

- Unforwarding api names from crypt32.dll.

- "Write Imports" is replaced by "Fix dump" to avoid confusion.

- IAT section flags are set to C0000040.

- IAT section VOffset and ROffset corrected to respect Section and File


- Terminating 00 is added on IAT section name while writing imports.

- Disable splash screen option added.

- Can now specify the location of new import table.

- Default state of checkbox "Notify me if a new version is out." is set to


- Intelli fix for direct call schemes (TM/WL).

- IAT thunks are written in original IAT even in the case of new created


- Manually imports adding supported.

- Retreive APIs with/without direct calls option added.

- Major code update.

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