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MASM and Visual Studio 2010


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I haven't tested it yet, but it sounds very interesting.

Especially when your working on mixed sh1t projects like asm/c or asm/c#.


PS: credits to hmi222 for the find

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Ripped all that nice Info and Examples


hello guys/


I'm new to this post. It looks very informative!

My question is this...I know there are standard C functions for rotating bits...ie. _rotl() and _rotr(). I would like to know how they work? First, is there a way to view the actual source code for these functions (or any of the standard C functions) and if not, how is the rotation accomplished? I understand how to shift the bit but I'm not sure how to do the rotating part.

Thanks for any help in advance.

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Added Ufo-Pussys Keygen "Tribal_Dream" as VS2008_MASM Project.

No changes in code, just changes in Linker and Macro Assembler Project Settings! (Debug and Release)

MASM32 should be installed!


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