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I have gathered here some important features that will be included in next version (or future versions). It is a mixture of what testers have reported and wanted to see in IF :

Repair/rebuild resources

PE Editor

ImpREC trees compatibility

ImpREC plugins compatibility

Dlls dumping

Dlls fixing/rebuilding

Adding dlls manually

Rebuilding new fresh PE header

Building a log

Keep memory page VA untouched in drop/drag operation in Dumper Tool

Option to rebuild targets without needing to fix imports

Information about number of processes/modules/apis found/invalid thunks

Add VA to the OEP and IAT to save time

Show suspect apis

Possibility to change more then a byte in the hex editor

Integrated disassembler (completed)

Integrated debugger

Built-in tracers

You don't find your feature here? Well post your idea and if approved will be added to the list of updates.

You can access to the approved update list directly in IF (Help -> Next version update list)

I am waiting few days to let time to people to test, report bugs and post ideas. I will begin coding new features very soon, so hurry up :)

Please don't post bug reports in this topic, it is only meant for ideas.


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I am wondering if someone is interested in helping to update the help file for IF :wub: , it is outdated now and I have no time for it. No obligations or time restriction :rolleyes:


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Any chance for x64 version of Import Fixer?

I guess this is not possible. IF is a delphi program and delphi doesn't support x64.

Your best option is still CHimpREC.

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