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Mono.Cecil Patch


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Open "Mono.Cecil.Cil/CodeWriter.cs"

Find "ComputeMaxStack"

Add this line above it "if (!CodeWriter.FixedMaxStack)"

Add field to the CodeWriter class "public static bool FixedMaxStack = false;"

CodeWriter.FixedMaxStack = true;

Reason for this patch is because otherwise Cecil will attempt to recompute the MaxStacks. It does not work on obfuscated code. For example

 ldc_i4 0
ldc_i4 0
ldc_i4 0
ldc_i4 0
br lb2
ldc_i4 0
ldc_i4 0
ldc_i4 0
ldc_i4 0
br lb1

Cecil will compute it as 5 when it really is 8. Causing a stack overflow (InvalidProgramException) when it runs.

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