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[crackme]Magic Mirror


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Not an easy crackme, the code is made of the 5-year-old-part, 2-year-old-part and a recently-added-part, i hope you'll like it.

The best solution would be the name/key pair, but i can set no restrictions, as it is in real life. (Simply redirecting the wrong key proc to the right key proc is like writing your own code, so it is disallowed:))

And, this one wants a lot of your resources, so you better don't try to solve it while running something else :)

/*I guess, that with everything closed it must be ok everywhere - it worked correct even on the old 633Mhz Celeron. Algorithm can be understood anyway*/

So, as it is said, close all other programs and crack it! ;)

Good luck!




Originally it was sent to crackmes.de, but it is unsolved for about a month.

Lang: Delphi (yeah :)) + Asm


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well =) but i have 2 questuions:

1) Why did you pack it with ExeCryptor?

2) Did you notice the small rule not to write "jmp ValidSerialProc" at the beginning of the WrongSerialProc, because they are not hidden in any way and can be obviously found /*and i think you've done so ;)*/.

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if you mean keygen -- then it's not the thing i really want. Surely, keygen would be nice; name/key is greatly appreciated, but some beautiful patch can also be fine (patch animation procedure to show congratulations isn't beautiful -- the thing i want is some values matching).

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