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[unpackme] CrackMe VMPotect 2+ Key Winlicense


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I hope this CrackMe be a little more intersting:

Packed VMP over a Themida KeyFile Protection

Objetive: Run Without Key

key included in the attach

Some issues with AVs, but the file is absolutly clean

(Same file used in my others crackmes)


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Teddy Rogers

The [unpackme] tag has been added to your topic title.

Please remember to follow and adhere to the topic title format - thankyou!

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Vmprotect with winlicense that is just how I like it. :)

Full virgin unpack;

(Okay not that virgin, patched out the TLS table. cause else I need to move it from the WL section, and well am lazy today and need to sleep..)


PS: Not really hard actually, only protection is WL import protection. And VMprotect debugger detection.

Just happy I saw this one before LCF_AT and have some time.. ;)

Edited by quosego
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What.... again a new UnpackMe today!So you are to fast kobalt :) and I also need a break like quosego need to sleep. :) So I see quosego has done this job alraedy and yes your file works very well. :) Mission complete!

PS: @ quosego - Is there a special reason why you not use the attaching modus for your files?


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Excellent quosego the file runs perfectly. :)

:clap3: :clap3:

Now I need to prepare another one, too much quick :lol:

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Hey trust me if I would've waited one day any of you guys would've done it. ;)

Saw a few i wanted to try in the weekend when I had some time, but all of them had been done already. ;)

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