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[crackme] hard .net crackme


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first of all this is not my crackme

author says:

Anti-Host Re-direct. The websites that it checks REAL IP is in Textbox1.Text, And everytime the program runs it gets the IP of the website and puts it in Textbox2.Text. If TextBox1.Text = TextBox2.Text = False Then it closes.

-If you aren't connected to the internet, then its not going to be able to get the IP of the remote host in the first place so it will call back an error.


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OK my friend...

the problem is this behavior is identical to malicious software, where the user doesn't know that a file is calling some website maybe to steal

some data from PC and pass it to hacker. in this case "http://oreilly.com/" which is weird... :blink:

my little piece of advice is not to run this crackme on your PCs. :nuke:

have a nice day.

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Reminds me, I need to update my unsmartassembly to remove those annoying invokes :P. Just actually thought of a way to do it without breaking everything. My original way broke 30% of the methods :x.

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Teddy Rogers

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I get this from my internet security package when I start app.


I've tried SmartAssasin to decrypt the strings but it failed.

I also used SmartKill to remove StrongName.

Now the challenge is remove/skip that callback.

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