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[keygenme] UST Keygenme 11


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Under SEH Team Keygenme 11

LeVeL : 3/10

Rules : dont patch or serial fish it . Just make keygen!


Mirrors :


Have A Good Day :P

GioTiN ^ UST

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Ok.. Another screwed up release.

Why bother use the BIG RSA-512 , when ya use direct compare & the serial is phishable.

What is the need of RSA is such a case ?

Rules : dont patch or serial fish it . Just make keygen!

Sorry bro, every1 will serial phish it, coz they dont need to waste time write a genner for this1.

When ya use RSA & make it serial phishable, HUH! Only god save ya!

I suggest go study crypto & its basics first b4 using it!!

lol, why do I care, I got what I wanted - A serial for my name.. Why bother write a keygen for it ??

Name : Babi
Serial : 1IqcLZAE2IkY0a9M17ERGiCHt3VjxTrav3Ub3c0prgXFqeW2kgGoqRXId7WMNc2h2vrTiucsspT3kMjHCHOkro0cWtb3cIQasDk45OvQ9tvK2vf4kJYfI83RVf6ZE2PFqwSZ7vcKLIHfeJlhoAxIn6mDiptxxTwI
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If its RSA-512 I assume there is some sort of PRNG or other implementation vuln making it gennable in a reasonable time?

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Well all ya need to do to gen it is, get the md4 of the name, some custom hash as far as I remember(not sure though) & encrypt the md4 with RSA pub key.

Ya dont need to factorise the pubkey atall.

A bad implementation of RSA !

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That`s pretty much what i said in my first post, it works like this:

compare %key%, rsa512(md4(customchksm(%name%)))

no ned to write a generator... :rolleyes:

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@Loki : yea, pointless to use assymetric algo & end up making it a Peice of - 'Cake me' rather than a kgm :P

@deepzero : ya first post from the time I read it is "My bad ...sorry" :P just kidding :P

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