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[KeygenMe or crackme]_jensma


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I just stumbled on forum =)

Try to keygen/crack the attachment. This shoudln't be a hard task for you.

develop keygen -> medium

just cracking -> easy




Have fun =)

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Added keygenme as an attachment...
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First, thanx for this crackme/keygenme.

I am not a coder/keygenner, but here is my code, hehe.

name: grizzmo123

serial: 1896-2844-g-9471-B



Edited by grizzmo
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Oops sorry downloaded and the name did not, and has written for other


I'm too lazy to write keygens NikolayD123:1857-2786-N-9277-B and for any name and serial number

004013E3 |. /7D 05 JGE ---->JMP

004015E5 |. /75 05 JNZ ---->Nop

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