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if for inject you mean writing code into another process you can use Read/WriteMemoryProcess.

If you want to do some advanced injection like dll (that can be used for patching too) you can use CreateRemoteThread.

there are a lot of useful links at codeproject.com, search there.

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thank you guys for the help :)

ok the main idea here is like adding a watermark into pe this means find a free space 00 bytes in pe and put the string you wan't to, that's what i'm looking for in general :P

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hehehe .....so u want to watermark ur Cracked release (stuff) I have see a lot of stuff there ;)

my friend use protector like Thmida or nooby or other which use watermark ..

then U will know if some one rip off ur stuff :^ ..

أخي انت في أي فريق ؟

at4re or aoreteam

ومن الجيد وجود أشخاص أمثالك متمرسين في مجال الهندسة العكسية .

اية مساعدة أنا جاهز


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i'm in RED CREW :P but i'm stil arabic ^^ will yes that's what i wan't to do :) watermark my releases against rippers i'm trying to do a release checker like LUCiFER, TSRH and/or iNFECTION checkers

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