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ufmod error


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I us ufmod code on asm(masm) it dont work for me i see two errors.

As ide i us Winasm.

her the errors

Assembling: C:\WinAsm\projects\me2\base.asm

C:\masm32\include\cryptohash.inc(48) : error A2008:syntax error : proto //if i copy the lib from the archiv to the masm32 lib folder is ar error on line 63

C:\WinAsm\projects\me2\base.asm(78) : error A2070:invalid instruction operands

Make finished. 2 error(s) occured

the frist error is on this line.

78 : invoke uFMOD_PlaySong, addr table, xmSize, XM_MEMORY

the second error is from the file on the downloadlink.


I us ml.exe version 8.

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