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MagicV2mEngine.lib wight out LIBC.lib


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Hi can some one make theMagicV2mEngine.lib how dont need LIBC.lib,i can not found the LIBC.lib.

I thing this dll is needed for make the lib file.

her is the downloadlink for the dll.dll

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;if you get this error after compile :
; LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file "LIBC.lib"
;just try to use this linker command : /NODEFAULTLIB:libc.lib
; or /NODEFAULTLIB:libcmt.lib
; or /NODEFAULTLIB:oldnames.lib
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what programming language are you using?

Any way, you can take any library from your lib directory and rename it to libc.lib (I'm confused how this lib doesn't exist in your lib path :blink: )

of course you have to make sure that your source code doesn't need any function implemented there (like the strcat, strlen ...)

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I us asm(masm) as programming language.This lib have now on on his lib path this lib is from vc++ 2003 if you can tell me how i can download vc++ 2003 then i can us this lib.

I found the error the link settings are not correct settet.

And no you can not take any libery as LIBC.lib(is are static lib how needs MSVCRT2X.DLL) to work.

I used radasm as ide i dont found the link settings for this ide.

I make are make.bat now it works.

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And no you can not take any libery as LIBC.lib(is are static lib how needs MSVCRT2X.DLL) to work.

Yes you can, I've tested it before writing my answer.

the VM2lib doesn't use the libc library, so it will work for you, just duplicate any lib and rename it to libc.lib

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Out of interest, what makes a linker require a lib file without any actual dependence on it? :unsure:

Also, anyone ever tried compiling a library in VC++ with /Zl set and use it with a different compiler, say mingw? Does that actually work or does name mangling get in your way?

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If I understood you correctly Killboy.If you link your program from the command line without a compiler option that specifies a C run-time library, the linker will use LIBC.LIB.

if the magicvm2engine.lib with / ml were linked it would give not the errors.

And yes it dont work if you link some libs wight /Zl some libs need this /md to work.

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magicvm2engine.lib WAS linked with /ml, that's why it needs libc.lib

if it was linked with /md it would require msvrt.lib instead

if it was linked with /Zl, it wouldn't require any specific lib, but complain about missing dependencies

was just guessing that /Zl would fix the problem, because it doesn't force a library, just the functions it needs -> no functions = no library = no error

that's what I got out of MSDN anyway, might try if that actually works when I have some spare time.

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Ok it then needs msvrt.lib(masm standart lib) and /ZL dont work for masm linker and ml.exe(6.15).

You need to make it wight /md or /ml.

And new ml.exe from vc2010 this ml.exe need some dll´s.

The /ZL is from the new linker version of vc++2010.

I've even got solved.

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