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mams32 Read out


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I have a question to read out a offset from a jmp in masm32 without readproccessmemory

00415ED3 .- E9 28B1FEFF JMP 00401000

My routine find this offset 00415ED3 and i need for my wsprintf this offset 00401000

Can i make this with ReadFile?


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So you got the VA (offsets are relative to file begin, +0) 415ED3. The instruction there is a jump and you want its destination VA? Formula would be the following:

DestinationVA = InstructionOffset + InstructionVA + InstructionLength

In your case:

0x401000 = 0xFFFEB128 + 0x415ED3 + 5

Is this what you want? Not sure if I got you right.

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Im not sure

My Goal is:

;00415ED3 .- E9 28B1FEFF JMP 00401000

;this offset 00415ED3 is in eax and i set the file pointer to this offset

invoke SetFilePointer, hInFile, eax, NULL, FILE_BEGIN

invoke ReadFile,hInFile,addr pBuffer,sizeof pBuffer,addr BytesRead,0

Now mus i found a solution for get this offset after this jmp " 00401000"

I need this offset for my next routine with wsprintf

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