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Using Crypto++ with CodeGear C++ 2009


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I am primarily a delphi coder but I know a bit of java thx to our school.

Few days back, I started C++ with Codegear C++ Builder 2009..

I am not having any probs as its syntax is almost like java, but when I tried to use Crypto++ library with it,

It wont compile.

Can any 1 help me with this ?

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any more specifics here?

what have you done? what does the documention for the library say? what does the compiler say? :dunno:

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Well, I was following ECC Based Product Key tutorial found in tuts4you.

I am new to c++ but as I've a java background, I didn't have much probs coping to it :)

But now, when I tried Crypto++, its documentation say, it works in C++ Builder 2009 under XP, but I am running win7.

The compiler refused to recognize the Crypto++ keywords, despite including the libary files :(

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Did you include the header files?

Did you link the needed libraries or compile the source for Crypto++ along with your code?

If possible, paste the exact compiler error message here. That would help more than these vague descriptions

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Did you include the header files?

Did you link the needed libraries or compile the source for Crypto++ along with your code?

If possible, paste the exact compiler error message here. That would help more than these vague descriptions

It cant be copied .

Here is a screen shot of it :)

Errors :


IncludeFiles :


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Looks like you're not compiling the Crypto++ lib itself. The quick fix would be to add all the cpp files to your project so they get compiled.

Not sure which you need, maybe you can just add the ones necessary for compiling.

A little messy, but should work...

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hmm.. ok. I'll try & report back :)

Is there any better approach to this prob ?


Tried adding these :

#include <cryptlib.cpp>

#include <eccrypto.cpp>

#include <ecp.cpp>

#include <integer.cpp>

#include <osrng.cpp>

but same errors crops up!!

Do I need to compile the whole package ie all the cpp files ??

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uhm, you don't include cpp files :D

Ive never worked with CodeGear C++ before, but usually you would add them to the project.

There must be a list of project files, add all the cpp files to it. The IDE should then automatically compile all the files.

And yeah, your safest bet would be to compile all cpp files. It'll take some time during the first compilation but after that it doesn't make a difference. Also, the compiler excludes anything from the final executable that isn't used.

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Sorry 4 the stupidity,I got ya point.

Its like copying the .dcu files to import folder of delphi.

Well there is also an Include Folder in RAD studio, where I copied all the files ie .cpp & .h in the first place.

That should have work'd , but its spitting out same error whenever I try to use it :(

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I have long been nothing more in C + + made but as far as I can still remember.

If at some compiler header files as follows involved

#Include <iostream>

#Include "iostream '<--- I'm not sure if the goose really.

it may be that it is this Crypto.


If so, which goes only to windows vista and then only with MSVC.NET.

I found this info i hope it help you.

Install for C++ Builder :

1. Start by unpacking the acnt*.zip files into a folder of your own choice.

2. This directory must be registered in system search path. And add, (if need)

AlphaControls directory in C++ Builder paths.

3. Open acnt*_R.bpk file.

In the C++ Builder 200x open Project/Options/Paths and defines page.

"Intermediate output" option must be empty!

4. Compile it ("Make", not "Build"!) and save all.

5. Open acnt*.bpk file and Install it and save all.

In the C++ Builder 200x open Project/Options/Paths "Intermediate output" option must be empty!

you need to change it to crypto++

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Hello herr-master, Thx 4 ya effort.

But Can ya plz explain this a lil more.

"acnt*.zip" What is this thing ?

As I am new to C++, I am not very famaliar with installing stuff in it :)

Thx in Advance:)

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AlphaControls 2009 = acnt*.zip

is the same as install are *.bpk for delphi.

* = is the version of you delphi or you c++ builder that you installed on your pc.

You us C++ Builder 2009 on you pc, you need the acntBCB2009 folder.

Download AlphaControls 2009 after downloading unpacking the acnt*.zip to acnt folder on you drive C:\ or D:\ what ever you us as drive.

After that open up you Codegear C++ Builder 2009 click on tools -> option -> c++-optionen -> Bibliothek - w32

then click on the bouten on the right site of search path.

are new window popup click on the bouten wight the folder icon on it search for the folder acnt then click on ok.

then click on the bouten add and then press on ok now the folder acnt is on you search path of Codegear C++ Builder 2009.

Change this steps for crypto++ and i thing it works not sure about this.

If it dont work make are bpk file for the crypto++ lib and hpp files.

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May be , I am being Dumb..

But DO I need to download alphacontrols seperately ?

Coz Trying to do so, All I got was a rar package full of spyware ~!~

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download it from her clean

the download is so only to show you how you install something in C + + Builder 2009.

I will not be much help as I have, unfortunately C + + Builder 2009 is not installed on my hard drive.

But why do you get spyware messages from your av I do not understand the alpha controls is clean.

I did not want you you are downloading spyware.

Can you make are screen shot from you tools option window from Codegear C++ Builder 2009.

Then i can you help more i thing.

Ps:This is only are trial version you can found are cokie on astalavista.

if you can not found it for this version i can make are cokie for you if you whant.

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