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Microsoft Detours 2.1


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Here's the express msi, is this what you wanted?




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Thanks Ghandi

I cannot connect to this ms site it gives two version of this detours correct?

This express version and a professional what is the different?


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  • Detours Express 2.1 is available for immediate download under a no-fee, click-through license for research, non-commercial, and non-production use on 32-bit code.
  • Detours Professional 2.1 includes a license for use in production environments and the right to distribute detour functions in products. In addition to support for 32-bit x86 code, Detours Professional 2.1 includes support for 64-bit code on x64 and IA64 processors. For information on licensing Detours Professional 2.1 visit Microsoft's IP Licensing Group at www.microsoft.com/iplicensing and search under Detours.

That's what the site says. Mainly x64 support and the right to use it in commercial applications. Express should be just fine when used in private applications, focused on x86 hooking. :)

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Is there a scene release for the professional version? 10 grand is a little more than my monthly income :zorro:

Or better yet, anyone know of a good alternative with x64 support?

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Dunno if this is of any use to you:

/>http://codefromthe70s.org/mhook.aspx <- no length disassembler though.



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There are a handful of custom written Detouring libraries on GameDeceptions forums as well.

Keep in mind with Detours 2.1, to validly use it without breaking their EULA, you have to keep detoured.dll with your projects release that uses Detours. The wording of their EULA, however, doesn't state that the dll must be used and you are allowed to alter the source, but detoured.dll must exist in your release package.

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The newest version of Detours Express 3 on Microsofts site includes the 64bit versions of the code now:


Not sure if this is a mistake or not on their part since the package does not include any info that this was intended and the page does not include any info regarding this change. Get it while it's still around if it is a mistake. :P

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