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This is a keygen me I wrote for my team (RED CReW).

Thought of sharing it with every here..

The rules :

KEYGEN is the only soln.

No patching is allowed.

A tut on it would be gr8 :)




For some odd reason I cant attach any files !!!

Hope posting a link is not against any rules :)

Edited by Teddy Rogers
Added attachment to the topic...
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Teddy Rogers
For some odd reason I cant attach any files !!!

I attached the keygenme to the topic. If you continue to have problems uploading attachments in the future please contact me...


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wooouch nice work mate :) the bignum lib by drizz :blink: it didn't work for me, maybe i've done something wrong :kick: whatever thank's for ya solution mate :thumbsup: btw i can't see the elgamalsign proc in your code :unsure:

Edited by Xsp!d3r
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Hey XSP!D3R , why dont ya ever solve any of my kgm ?

I am sad :P :P

But thx for the nice looking avatar & SIG :)

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