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[LoaderMe] Make Loader for AsProtect 2.51


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Hello dear friends

Please Just make loader for this App and if you like then write tut


code VB6(self defense code added)


AsProtect 2.51

Protection Option:

Resource Protection

Anti Debug


Advanced Import Protection

Emulate standard system function(new)

Change OEP

Expire: After 3 day or 10 Execution

vol 350 KB

Must be show good boy Message

Good LucK

Loader Me1.1.rar

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Wow, nice LCF-AT!

May I ask how you unpacked it? Did you use scripts?

When i have a virtualized OEP, can i just dump the 3-4 involved mem regions & attache them to the dump?

But how can i adjust all the jumps + calls? :dunno: :dunno:

Do you know a tutorial on this topic?

dp0 :)

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Uhm, to rebuild a vb oep is a very easy problem...also to rebuild iat as well does not cause problems. Finally i think it is a simple target...

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@ deepzero

Sure you can also use a script to unpack this target.Use the volx script....but you need to modify one check in the script which you can see above in the script window if you get the error message.You will see it.

0D -0F


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at arteam tutorials cave there are several asprotect loaders tutorials, written using different (programming) languages.. you can see there if you want a deeper look.


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dear Sh4DoVV your loader can not pass expire counter

Post #1 is Updated Please try Again

Please Just make a Loader

thank you Again

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anybody has worked on the new version ?

I added "Emulate standard system function" Can this cause has been working hard?


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Dear Sh4DoVV thank you very much for your attention to this topic

I'm very happy because I have a good friend like you :flowers:

and I have 2 question:

1: how to patch execution limit in asprotect ?

2: what is your idea about this sample(hardness level) ? x/10?

if it is Possible write a tut about this subject

thanks 4ever

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