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Hey guys.

I am currently coding a process manager in delphi, I am researching way in which i can get the state of an application. I have experimented with NTQuerySystemInformation and found i can list process with and get there thread states which i have currently done however. how can i determining which thread is the main(parent) thread for that process.


-------->Thread #2


(thread 0) Notepad.exe ----> Thread #1

in this stupid example thread 0 is the main application, then i could return the state of this to display to my end user. is this possible? i saw a "hack" so to speak or an ugly way of getting a application state by calling ResumeThread() Followed by SuspendThread() and returning the Thread Counter from either API if counter is 0 thread is running else suspened.

so the main question is can i get the main or parent thread of a process to query for the overall application state.


{Doesnt matter what programming langauge}

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You can use CreateToolhelp32Snapshot to obtain the thread information for the process, the first thread retrieved from the function is the main thread of the process (from what I recall when I learned about the API). So you can do something such as:

(I wrote this real quick in Notepad so it may have some mistakes you need to fix up real quick.)

DWORD GetMainThreadId( DWORD dwProcessId )
THREADENTRY32 te32 = { sizeof( THREADENTRY32 ) };
HANDLE hSnapshot = CreateToolhelp32Snapshot( TH32CS_SNAPTHREAD, dwProcessId ); if( hSnapshot == INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE )
return NULL; if( Thread32First( hSnapshot, &te32 ) )
do {
if( te32.th32OwnerProcessID == dwProcessId )
CloseHandle( hSnapshot );
return te32.th32ThreadID;
} while( Thread32Next( hSnapThreads, &te32 ) );
} CloseHandle( hSnapshot );
return NULL;
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Thank you for your reply, you confirmed what i suspected then that the first thread is the main thread, i was under the conclusion that the thread would be ordered randomly depending on when the api's where called. So know now that when i call NTQuerySystemInformation the structure has thread array so [0] in the array must be the application thread. I have read the thread wait and state from this article http://technet.micro...28WS.10%29.aspx from this my application lists the threads as per screenshot.


need to resolve file paths now so it works on x64bit an x32 :P

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