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DLL attached but how trick this...sometime Bug


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Can someone please to help me with few indication ?

I attach the .dll to target process(is an online conectable application) and is ok, the .dll make what is build to do but when i change servers connection sometime give me that errors:

1. cmp edx,dword ptr [ecx+2BCh] (often)

2. mov al,byte ptr [edi] (rarely)

I find where the .dll(application) give BUG sometime by open mdmp file in Microsoft Visual studio ->F5->Break(MVS menu Debug->Windows->Call Stack.

I try in Olly with JMP/JNZ, with that solutions the application not have errors but PROBLEM IS NOT DO WHAT MUST TO DO.

Can someone give me another solution without JMP/JNZ in Olly because i don't have the source code so solution can be only in olly i believe ,something to replace on cmp, mov or a new idea ?

10x in advance !

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