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Read, learn and read some more. There may be keygenning 'handbooks' for C, but you can bet your bottom dollar they will focus on what the author thought was necessary. Instead learn the actual language you want to code in, properly. Then, when you have some competency or understanding of the language, start looking at things like mathematics & cryptography, because these two things alone will help you with many keygenning projects. Last but most certainly not least, let Google be your friend with regard to finding information, it is a veritable treasure trove of information if you are willing to pick through a bit of rubbish now and then.

Sorry to sound harsh, but there is no quick-fix to becoming a competent keygenner or reverse engineer, there is only work, work and more work (with fun mixed in among the way of course) to achieve the skills and knowledge required. This is a pain in the *** for anyone just starting out, because they simply want to download a copy of a C compiler and become an instant keygenner/cracker but it just wont happen. I know this because i wanted to find a way or trick to learning skills for RCE when i first started and the hardest lesson to actually come to grips with was that there was no "Instant Cracker - Just add OllyDBG", instead there was "Learn, Learn and Learn".



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