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[unpackme] Dump'n'RebuildMe


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Thanks. And,

Difficulty: ?

Only experimenting like I said, just wondering whether its worth totally re-basing the image if relocs are present.

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Difficulty: ? <-- No not really.So you know I can just give you my opinion.

-no IAT redirection

-no AntiDump / dump protection feature

-no manipulation detection / CRC / PE

You should also insert more [self] and debug checks.

So keep going maybe you next one will be harder.


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also you should pack bigger file if you are developing your own protector so we can fully test it.

As for protection you should do what lcf said, plus:

1) try to hide the jmp to oep

2) add some primitive obfuscation (by using jumps)

3) dont make the code too linear: use calls inside calls to hide what your packer does. It's stupid but effective

regarding antidebugs try to develop your own way to detect debuggers: altough they are more or less all known, try to make some little tricks (plugin detection, hook of patches made by plugins detection etc)

last week i found a paper from blackhat explaining malware protection but i cant find it anymore. was nice for some inspiration :)

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