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MASM BruteForce Keygen Template


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Hey guys,

I am looking for a KG template (MASM) that would bruteforce a serial that is 15 characters long (0-9 chars only). The ripped code is 2.5megs as a text file and consists mostly of IMULs & IDIVs, etc. There is a total of 17 math checks done. During each check, the char manipulation is done on 13-15 characters from the serial as well as on chars from the username; these are done independantly and the if the results match then variable "Valid" is set. Subsequent checks also set/reset "Valid" accordingly... I realize I have to loop through the whole thing until all criteria are met so I am looking for the SPEEDIEST and MOST EFFICIENT way to do it. I intended to start with a serial of "000000000000001" and loop til valid serial found or "999999999999999".

Thanks for replies!

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Seems to me this is a perfect opportunity to learn some coding if you've not already done so?

The routine is simple enough - increment least significant byte from 0x30 to 0x39; once you hit 0x39 set back to 0x30 and increment next byte.

MASM has some macros and stuff which will help but try doing it with basic mov, inc, je etc and you'll learn a lot here. Post as you go and people will be far more likely to help seeing as you're trying it yourself :)

Good luck :)

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