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Hello dudes,

After some decrypters, i'm proud to bring you my first unpacker for VGShrink v0.14.

VGShrink is a shrinker from Virogen, and it will become PCShrink later.

This unpacker currently supports VGShrink v0.14.

If someone have a copy of another version of VGShrink, don't hesitate to send me it... I will include support in my unpacker...

As usual, unpacker source in masm and packer source in tasm are included for interested ones...

If you found some bugs, don't blame me... It's my first unpacker...

Any comments, opinions on source code, bug reports or others are welcome...

See you soon ...

Laurent aka BIGBOSS from COPs



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someone said FSG 3.0   :dunno:, nah, I'm too busy building my evil ninja empire   :ph34r: and it seems exe-packers are an extinct genre (well, except UPX), can't remember when ASPack was updated, PECompact development went down since Jeremy joined VMware forces on thinapp, MEW northfox where are you? Can't even remember others (most of them were successfully killed by DEP and _IsNonwritableInCurrentImage() )   :down:

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Thanx HVC...

FSG unpacker is coming soon...

In a few day, i will post my own PCShrink unpacker.

It is actually functional, but i still make tests...

It has supports for PCShrink v0.29, PCShrink v0.45 and PCShrink v0.71.

I think that versions between v0.45 and v0.71 will be functional, but i don't have any between them.

May i include VGShrink v0.14 supports in it, so my VGShrink unpacker will became PCShrink unpacker...

Better late than never, ElBarto. :zorro:

Do (another one for) FSG next, bigboss. :=)

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