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PELOCKnt decryptor


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Yohoo guys,

I'm proud to present my new decryptor: PELOCKnt decryptor v1.0.

This one is based on my previous BJFnt decryptor, because PELOCKnt is an update release of BJFnt.

It currently has support for PELOCKnt v2.01, v2.03 and v2.04. (I haven't actually PELOCKnt v2.02)

If someone have a copy of PELOCKnt v2.02, don't hesitate to send me it... I will include support in my decrypter...

As usual, source code in masm and cryptors are also included for interested ones...

Any comments, bug reports or others are welcome...

See you soon ...

Laurent aka BIGBOSS from COPs





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Hello accede...

I already have read this thread, but it only say which cryptor you can use to protect your files, there's no link for the cryptors...

hm pelocknt v2.02 can be found on this site pelocknt v2.02.

you can join it if you register an acc on the site.

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