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access denied errors


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since a couple of days i sometimes get "access denied" errors when trying to "mark board as read" or browsing the "trashcan" forum.

Sometimes, the "trashcan" opens, but is empty. With the other section there are no problems.

Anyone else having the same problems?

dp0 :)

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Thrashcan is admin only, however the "mark board as read" is a bit odd maybe Teddy can shed some light on that.



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You should not be getting access denied messages for marking the board as being read. I presume this is still happening? I will see if I can dig up some information about the problem.

As for the Trashcan it is restricted to full view for Administrators only. However the topic starter of a deleted topic or owners of singular deleted post (not a post being part of a topic) can see their topics and posts. You will not be able to view another members deleted topics and posts...

Edit: I should ask... the access denied message(s), are they an IPB message or an SQL error message?


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Yes, sometimes strange things like that can happen and then suddenly disappear :dunno:

I am just glad it is fixed and you have no more problems...


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