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[keygenme] keygenme 5


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This is my 5th keygenme, that protected with crypto


No patching, only keygen

Some serials

Name: Test






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Here is my try :)


couldn't attach it for some reason :(



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also good work done there bro :)

seems this is the only kgm of mine, which has so many keygens (i remember that theres also 1 man who keygenned this some months ago)

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well, there were some good tuts of my kgmes by some good guys at crackmes.de, but that site is still down, so wait when it will be up again :)

anyway.. lets wait and see who will make a first tut on this kgm :D

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heh, what did you expect?



Anyways it was good keygenme, although just simple implement of ECDSA, but expectable since it's quite old ;)

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lol.. who said it is a bad kgm ? :P

It was the 1st kgm I solv'd with ECDSA. ie I learned ECDSA with it :)

I would have posted my keygen, but I dont have it any more & currently dont have the time to even code 1 line of code :(

Thx again bro for this nice lil ec **** :D

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