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FindNextFileW hook ok but...


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hello there im trying to make some usermode hooks to explorer.exe process

my first goal is to hook findnextfileW api but when im going to open a directory

explorer crashes.I have spot an access violation but i cant spot why that happened

here is my source code


typedef struct AdressEs{ //....target
DWORD FindNextFileW_;
DWORD FindNextFile_;
BYTE FindNextFileData[6];
}AdressEs;void HoonOnAddress(DWORD addr,DWORD dst);
void UnHoonOnAddress(DWORD addr,BYTE *patch);
int JMP(DWORD func,DWORD tramboline);
bool FindNextFile_(HANDLE hAndle,WIN32_FIND_DATAW *FileData);
void DumpFirstBytesBeforePatch(DWORD addr);
void InitializeHook();DWORD prot = 0;
AdressEs placeS;


#include <windows.h>
#include "diafora.h"
#define TEST_FILE "cmd.exe"
#define nAked __declspec( naked )
void HoonOnAddress(DWORD addr,DWORD dst){ VirtualProtect((void*)addr,5,PAGE_EXECUTE_READWRITE,&prot); *(BYTE*)(addr) = 0xe9; //jmp
*(int*)(addr+1) = dst;}
void DumpFirstBytesBeforePatch(DWORD addr,BYTE *data){ //AdressEs placeS; //it will be replaced cos i will put more functions to hooak for(int i = 0; i < 5; i++){
data[i] = *(BYTE*)(addr+i);
void UnHookOnAddress(DWORD addr,BYTE *patch){ for(int i = 0; i < 5; i++){ *(BYTE*)(addr+i) = patch[i];
} //VirtualProtect((void*)addr,5,prot,&prot);}
int JMP(DWORD func,DWORD tramboline){ return (DWORD)(func - tramboline) - 5;
}bool FindNextFile_(HANDLE hAndle,LPWIN32_FIND_DATAW FileData){ bool returned = false; UnHookOnAddress((DWORD)placeS.FindNextFileW_,(BYTE*)placeS.FindNextFileData);
code will be placed here
returned = (bool)(FindNextFileW(hAndle,FileData));
return (bool)returned;
}void InitializeHook(){ placeS.FindNextFileW_ = (DWORD)GetProcAddress(GetModuleHandle("kernel32"),"FindNextFileW");
placeS.FindNextFile_ = (DWORD)(FindNextFile_); DumpFirstBytesBeforePatch((DWORD)placeS.FindNextFileW_,(BYTE *)placeS.FindNextFileData);
HoonOnAddress((DWORD)placeS.FindNextFileW_,(DWORD)JMP(placeS.FindNextFile_,placeS.FindNextFileW_));}bool WINAPI DllMain(HANDLE hAndle, DWORD reason , LPVOID no){ if(reason == 1){ CreateThread(NULL,NULL,(LPTHREAD_START_ROUTINE)InitializeHook,NULL,NULL,0); } return TRUE;

compiled with VSCPP 6.0

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Windows API have a calling convention of __stdcall, most compilers are set to have functions default to __cdecl though. Try adding __stdcall to your hook function.

bool __stdcall FindNextFile_(HANDLE hAndle,LPWIN32_FIND_DATAW FileData){
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