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Back To Where It All Began: Behind The Walls Of StarForce...

Teddy Rogers

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It may have not been within the gaming industry itself, but in 1998 working alongside two compatriots to help build a globally-recognised DRM company was the closest thing to working with the gaming industry for Dmitry Guseff.

Dmitry's extensive knowledge in StarForce’s DRM architecture proved to be a valuable asset as he worked intrinsically as a Quality Assurance Engineer and then as a leader of StarForce’s Technical Support Department. With StarForce becoming an emerging force in copy protection in 2004/2005 the time was ripe to broaden their marketing strategies. However, it came at a price, particularly for the marketing department back in 2006 where StarForce’s infamy reached across the Western shores. For Dmitry, after being offered the chance to work within marketing, it was a baptism of fire.

Through the years a lot of the newer folks at StarForce, including Dmitry, began shifting perspectives and reforging visions of marketing and ‘rebranding’ a fresh product line. Faith and hope, it seems, was renewed, especially with their defining plan titled “Winds of Change”. In 2007 the new Marketing Department Head offered Dmitry a role in Public Relations and since then he’s helped StarForce transform their image especially with clients and consumers in the West.

Currently, he’s the Deputy Director of Marketing, Media and Computer Games and one of his first acts was to contact RYG. What a coincidence it must’ve been when one of our Admins, Sblade, made the bold step in contacting him first…

The ReclaimYourGame.com (http://reclaimyourgame.com/) is well known for its tough position towards copy protection and DRM measures, interviewed Dmitry Guseff, StarForce’s Marketing Director Deputy.

A large number of sharp questions concerning StarForce’s new solutions, the company’s attitude towards modern DRM issues and new consumer friendly measures have been answered. The whole interview has been divided into 4 parts:

RYG Interviews StarForce

RYG/StarForce Q&A - Part 1

RYG/StarForce Q&A - Part 2

RYG/StarForce Q&A - Part 3


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