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[UnPackMe]Safengine Licensor v1.7.3.0


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@ estelle : what the value u use for the protection ? for inside code and ....

my friend this will make the file very heavy to load in the memory :sweat: .

try to keep it at 14 and lower ...

keep this in ur mind not all guys have super computer to run ur target ;) .

and the purpose of this challenge is to make guys know what kind of protection of Noobyprotector could be hold .

anyway thanks .

and I hope that Nooby still remember his friends .

@Nooby: good luck .

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Intel E5400 Dual Core 2.7ghz, 2gb 533mhz DDR-2 RAM, Windows XP-SP3. Nothing special here and it runs ok, albeit it does take about 30 seconds to display the dialog.



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so I got just a old 800Mhz processor!Maybe I have to wait more than 120 sec. till the unpackme start. :)

This is a very big problem.It need to much time to start & runs then very slow.

Maybe someone can tell Nooby this problem so that he can update his protection whith a new function....something like a time calc result if you set the memory etc to 14 like ahmadmansoor said then you should see a hint how much time the packed file then need to get start for a 1 ghz processor for example or something like this.

Mem 14 & 1 ghz = 30 sec till app starts.

Mem 28 & 1 ghz = 60 sec till app starts.

You know something like this if its possible to do this.Just a hint.

@ ahmadmansoor

"try to keep it at 14 and lower....keep this in ur mind not all guys have super computer to run ur target "

Yes thats true.


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