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Themida - Advanced Windows Software Protection System [Version]

Protection Options for test2.exe


Macros Information


VM Macros: 0

CodeReplace Macros: 0

ENCRYPT Macros: 0

CLEAR Macros: 0




Protection Options


Anti-Debugger: Advanced

Anti-Dumpers: ENABLED

Entry Point Ofuscation: ENABLED

Resource Encryption: ENABLED

VMWare compatible: ENABLED

API-Wrapping Level: Level 2

Anti-Patching: File Patch (sign support)

Metamorph Security: ENABLED

Memory Guard: ENABLED

When Debugger Found: Display Message

Application compression: ENABLED

Resources compression: ENABLED

SecureEngine compression: ENABLED

Anti-File Monitor: ENABLED

Anti-Registry Monitor: ENABLED

Delphi/BCB form protection: ENABLED

Virtual Machine Settings


Number of Virtual APIs wrapped: 13

API Virtualization Level: 10

Entry Point Virtualization: 51 instructions

Multi Branch Technology: ENABLED

Virtual Machine Processor: Mutable RISC-128 processor

Number of CPUs: 1

Opcode Type: Metamorphic - Level 3

Dynamic Opcode: 80% Dynamic

Advanced Protection Options


Encrypt Application: ENABLED


Hide from PE scanners: Type 5

.NET assemblies: ENABLED

Active Context: DISABLED

Add Manifest: Don't add manifest

XBundler files


No files to bundle



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Thnx a lot Thisistest, first time I see it.

However it seems to be a new record in lameness.. My script except for the version retrieval (Which is just about as vital to the script as the penguin mating season. ) still works fine..

I sincerely hope their new protection will be awesome, and not just one big crappy update.

Oh and there's a new antidump, setevent antidump is now crypted and checked slightly below where it used to check,.

Ah well here's an unpack;


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test2, test3 unpacked! You will be very strong!

If you can make a tutorial! So that we get to learn, thanks ~

Edited by thisistest
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  • 4 months later...

Well unpacking winlicense is hardly private.. Unpacking concepts have not changed since

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