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Malware packed Xenocode 2009


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Hi guys.

I decide to revers one malware, which I found on my PC. But I have some problems with unpacking of this malware, because it is packed with Xenocode (2009). I try unpack it as a previous version Xenocode (2007 & 2008), but it's does not work.

If somebody has experience how to unpack this protection, please help me.

Thank you.


!!!Attached ACTIVE MALWARE!!!



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I can't download this file right now, but for Xenocode 2009 try this method:

1. Run the malware:

2. Open up PeTools 1.5, and you should see two duplicate named apps. Dump the second one.

3. Run it through ilDasm / ilAsm to fix the PE Header, and it should run, out of the Xenocode VM.

Do this in a VM or a secure environment though, don't want to reinfect yourself, lol.

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Thanks a lot. As I found later, it was just an empty exe-stub which does not has payload, nonetheless the Kaspersky Antivirus detected it like malware.

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