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When I paint a window with a picture and set its Style to None I can't move it.I use mouse events to move it but it is using a lot of resources(proc) because my window actually move with the cursor.

How can I move my window just like a normal one?(with that rectangle surrounding it)

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When you paint a window, you don't paint the window actually. You're just using a static window control

linked with a picture. And since by default you can't move window controls just by dragging them with

the mouse... forget it. nowai

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// ... case WM_LBUTTONDOWN:
break; // ...

^ That's what you mean?

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Thanks RaMMicHaeL ! I tried to change WM_LBUTTONDOWN to WM_RBUTTONDOWN but it doesn't work any more.Do you know why?

P.S. I work in c++ builder 2007 and I use message handlers for this.Maybe this is why it doesn't work if I want to move the window with right button.

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Are you painting onto a control or onto the window itself? If you are creating a control that is the full size of the window, you will need to subclass the control and handle the WM_LBUTTONDOWN event for the specific control instead of the form in order to move it that way.

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afaik, this SendMessage call makes Windows think you actually left click on the caption bar.

That's why right click doesn't work - you cannot drag a window using the caption bar with the right mouse button.

Google for the defines WM_NCLBUTTONDOWN, HTCAPTION, it'll probably explain it better.


If I got him right, it's just a borderless window with a picture.

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