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"Lena's Reversing for Newbies"


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"Lena's Reversing for Newbies" tutorial/journal is phenomenal.

I have noticed, however, that there are quite a few viruses that appear to be bundled with a few of the tutorials.

I'm sure it's nothing to be concerned about, however, I was wondering if anyone else has made a note of this and what was done about it - if anything?

Any additional details on the matter are welcome.

Thank you, lena151, for your excellent work and for sharing your knowledge.


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If you download from our distros there are no virii. Its just your AV giving false positives about some of the tools.

Ignore it... the packages are perfectly safe - usually moaning about the WinUPack being used as a packer so you can unpack with RL!deWinUPack to stop your AV moaning if you want to.

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