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[KeygenMe] papanyquiL CrapME


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Well, it's been a while since I've been in the crackmes.de scene, so I decided to come back with yet another crackme. This one is just a tad bit harder (besides, everyone loves games). I decided not to enable any outsourced protections (obfuscation, etc...) because I want people to focus on the encryption routines and learn what to look for.


(*) No Brute-Forcing

(*) No Patching

(*) When solved, please submit a tutorial and valid keygen

For tutorials, tools, and help on ALL RCE topics, please visit BlackStorm Reverse Engineering team at: http://portal.b-at-s.info

Greetings to Kurapica, revert, Apakekdah, SRC, lena151, obnoxious and everyone else contributing to BlackStorm!


Note: this can also be found here

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