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Tuts 4 You

Can't open www.tuts4you.com from Spain


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In first place please sorry me for my bad english.

I'm collecting info of this page in a cibercofee because I haven't Internet connection in home, and I trying to download all html pages. I'm using "Firefox 3.5.2" and "ScrapBook extension" for collecting the web pages.

Could I be banned by this?

The error page is absolutely blank.

I don't have read anything about do this in the page nor in the F.A.Q.

I'm afraid if this can cause problems to anybody. Please tell me something.

Thanks for all.

Edited by Darke
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You're trying to download the entire forum? All 55,000 posts?

Um, yes, you could be banned for this - autobanned probably.

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Teddy Rogers

As Loki already explained you will be banned for doing just that and because you have done so I can confirm you have been auto banned...


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