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Visual C++ question


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Hello tuts4you guys

I'm newbie in c++ and i have some questions

1 how add a good text scroll to form (like dUP patcher's text scroll) ?

2 please post a random number generate function here

3 how use skin in visual c++ ?

4 how add music (xm) to form (i know, but there is some problems that i have read all other topics about it but i can't solve it still)


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1 Some common controls come with built-in scrollbar support, the listbox is one of them. Use the dialog editor in VC++ and change the listbox to have a vertical scrollbar.

2 rand() ?

3 There are plenty 3rd party libraries. Try Qt if you can get it to work.

4 Getting ufMOD to work with VisualC++ is hardly rocket science (it's just one function after all). If you have a specific problem, post it.

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thanks for reply

but mate I'm newbie in vc++ !

please explain more (n 2 and 3)

and about uFMOD, can u write a fast guide here?

i will try again and post errors here :)

thank you

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