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I think that there are no solutions

Yea BoRoV, it's hardcore. (ovar 9000)

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <time.h>int main(int argc, char *argv[])
double P1 = rand(), P2 = (P1*36-5)/25;
printf("Enter Any Name.\nPassword 1: %f\nPassword 2: %f\n", P1, P2);
return 0;
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I think that there are no solutions

The solution is to solve this equation:

36X - 25Y = 5

where, pass1 = X and pass2 = Y with any name.

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try this target for ur new tut ..

it is very Good example .

"EXECryptor V2.2X-V2.4X "

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try this target for ur new tut ..

it isn't mine ... i just translated it from Evolution's tut.. but i understand it very much ...


it is very Good example .

"EXECryptor V2.2X-V2.4X "

yes it is :)


i have one problem yet with WaitForSingleObject...

Rebuild OEP


push ebp

mov ebp,esp

add esp,-10

mov eax,0059B6C8

call 004070C4

jmp 00E5D8E3


kill thread 00DD80EC

kill waiforSignleObject 00EADEE5 here is the problem... i can't stop the program in Push time-out

no problem with IAT

iat begin 00DBF1B4

iat end 00DBF9E0


IAT tree Attached

if you finish it plz explain me how do you do it


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about the tut I know u have translated it from Evolution's tut :yes: ... but nice work :thumbsup: .

for the target it's packed with "EXECryptor V2.4X" which could pass the Evolution way .

Evolution is an pro guy :ph34r: and if we want to know what he was thinking when he found his way then we will feel sick :P .

and he will always find a way to do his job .

so I have decided to update the way to kill Anti debug ( just ) ... so

my friend check this

it is an present for u and for ur Team .. hope for u all the best ( and be satisfied :confused: )

and about the unpacked file I have post it at aoreteam .. u can get it form there.


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